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surf coaching


Surf TRAining Alma Surf Fuerteventura
Our teaching 
To offer you the best surf training experience,

we create our own teaching method 

 Our goal is to give you the skills, knowledge and confidence

 to become an independent surfer who knows how to surf on his own in the future. Our pedagogy is based on the development of skills,

which means that we gradually master each skill in practice and theory

based on your current surfing ability.

Each level has a different training program

so you can focus on what you really need to learn,

and progressively develop your surfing skills and knowledge.

Discover our levels and surf camp activities.

1:4 ratio:

Each group is based on the specific skills you need to learn.

To improve the result, each instructor has a maximum of 4 students in each group so that they can give you much more attention and your progress is much more visible.


SURF with soul and

make your days in ALma  unforgettable




Our levels 


Have you dreamed of surfing, but never had the opportunity to learn?

Or have you surfed several times before but lack the confidence and knowledge to progress? This first stage of surfing is a very important part,

as it is where you can build solid foundations to progress in the future.

In this program you will learn all the basics to surf foams (waves that are already broken) and you will discover the incredible feeling of surfing your first green waves (waves that are not broken yet).

Objectives: Rules and priorities of Surfing, begin to understand currents and reading the sea, Body Surfing, Surfing in foams, Selection of said foams,

Catch a wave (in green water), Board control (level 1), Stand up,

Speed control, Rotate...



Once you've been surfing on foams and get a good footing, it's time to take your surfing to a higher level.

This program is designed to give you the skills to become

into an independent surfer,

what it means to catch waves on your own,

understand the best type of wave to choose and

start surfing along a green wave.

Objectives: Board Control (Level 2), Wave Selection (Green Wave), Angled Stand Up, Ocean Awareness, Wave Forecasting, Carving & Trimming Turns...



Now that you're catching waves more confidently and unassisted, it's time to get technical. Even the most experienced surfer makes mistakes, so this program will highlight the common mistakes that are holding you back and show you how to correct them.

By filming your waves and playing them back with video analysis, we can break down every aspect of your surfing and show you where you need to improve. With training in the water to teach you the main surfing techniques, this is the best way to really skyrocket your surfing skills.

Objectives: Wave selection (advanced), Duck diving, Surf Fitness, Speed generation, Maneuver decision, Carving turn, Improvement,

Correct reading to be able to apply maneuvers,

Bottom turn and Introduction to the different types of surfing...


Feelings are much like waves

We can't stop them

but we can choose which ones to surf



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