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 Lajares, a town full of peace in a privileged environment between two of the most attractive points in the north of Fuerteventura: El Cotillo, with some of the best surf spots on the island, and Corralejo for those who, in addition to sports or relaxation, Absolutely, they want to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the liveliest area.Lajares known as the Surf City of Fuerteventura.

It was a small community that has become the base camp for surfers from all over Europe who take refuge every year in this unique enclave to enjoy magnificent waves and powerful, constant quality wind.


Precisely for this reason, Lajares, with its almost 2000 inhabitants, is one of the most renowned destinations in Europe among lovers of Surf, Kitesurf, Windsurf, SUP and recently Foil, thanks to its incredible conditions that are maintained throughout the year and its proximity to the best spots such as the NorthShore.


 In Lajares the past and present integrate perfectly. And the fact is that the population that has formed little by little between “natives” and surf lovers coming from all the destinations in Europe is curious. Among its streets you will find traditional Canarian craft shops, an important variety of businesses dedicated to surfing, shops, repair workshops... This small town is also the center of the cultural fervor of the north of the Island: concerts, craft markets, tasting samples of indigenous products…


A few meters from the villa, you will find the beginning of the trail that will take you to discover one of the oldest volcanoes on the Island: Calderon Hondo. It is one of the best preserved volcanoes and has a 70 meter deep crater. From the top, the view of the north of the island is amazing (El Cotillo, MajanichoLanzarote). And you will be surprised by many animals along the edge of the crater,

like the funny and friendly squirrels that eat from your hand 

and if you bring peanuts... you won't get rid of them.


Due to the volcanic past of the island and this area in particular, known as Malpaís de Mascona, the wind and the earth have shaped a spectacular landscape over the basaltic lava over time, creating enigmatic landscapes such as the Enchanted Caldera. that is worth knowing.

In short, Lajares is a special haven in the north of Fuerteventura where its contrasts, its simple beauty and its immense tranquility will make you feel that you are in the perfect destination.

Calderón Hondo Lajares Volcano


  • SUPERMARKETS: Hiperdino, Mercadona


  • RESTAURANTS: Los Pinchitos, Return Bar, Canela Café, Maná, La Bodegueta,     Cancel Tomate, Rojo...La Tomate

  • PASTRIES: Paneteca, Goloso

  • ICE CREAM SHOP: My friend

  • SHOPS: The Beach, Manawai

  • HAIRDRESSER: Mariana, Mr Mojo Barber Shop

  • SKATE: Bowl Lajares

  • ARTISANAL MARKET: Saturday mornings

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