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FuerteAdventure experience

with ruben san



DATES 2024

March 25 to 31

June 8 to 16

July 13 to 21

August 10 to 18

December 6 to 14

 Let the energy of the island surround you with its calm, its heat and its dream beaches.

We will travel to Fuerteventura, the oldest of the islands in the Canary archipelago and one of the most seductive areas with the greatest ecological value.

Fuerteventura, traditionally named after the scourge of the wind, but also because of great fortune and wealth. 

We will tour the north of the island, discovering it through the 4 elements: 

the fire with its volcanoes, the water with its incredible crystalline beaches, the air molding the shape of its dunes and the earth, crossing sacred mountains.

It will be our hippie-style FuerteAventura, full of contrasts and incredible sunsets, which you will enjoy with people who will be family.

An introspective and unhurried journey, to move slowly and observe with the eyes of a curious and hopeful child.

Deja que la energía de la isla te envuelva con su calma, su calor y sus playas de ensueño.


Viajaremos a Fuerteventura, la más antigua de las islas del archipiélago canario y una de las zonas más seductoras y con mayor valor ecológico.


Fuerteventura, tradicionalmente llamada así por el azote del viento, pero también por la gran fortuna y riqueza. 


Recorreremos el norte de la isla, descubriéndola a través de los 4 elementos: 


el fuego con sus volcanes, el agua con sus increíbles playas cristalinas, el aire moldeando la forma de sus dunas y la tierra, atravesando montañas sagradas.


Será nuestra FuerteAventura al estilo hippie,  llena de contrastes y puestas de sol increíbles, que disfrutarás con personas que serán familia.


Un viaje introspectivo y sin prisas, para moverse lento y observar con ojos de niño curioso y lleno de ilusión.

FuerteAdventure Challenge
Make your days unforgettable in Fuerteventura

In the same way that the Earth needs Water to nourish itself and be fertile, Fire needs a solid base like the Earth to ignite or air helps to generate tides and shape landscapes, the four elements form a perfect synchrony acting together, in balance.

This experience will take us to explore the north of the island of Fuerteventura, where only by facing our limits, leaving our comfort zone and opening ourselves to adventure, will we be able to find each of these four elements that will connect us with our own balance:

•Fire to warm your instinct.
•Water to wet your decision.
•The Earth so you can walk towards adventure.
•The Air so you can breathe freedom.

The sum of each one of them will take us to the whereabouts of our particular lost paradise, which we will reach after a series of clues.

A week to connect with our essence, where hurry does not exist and moving away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, we can listen to the message that nature has to tell us, seeing that it is possible:

•Leave behind everything you have come to believe about yourself and trust your instincts.
•Learn to deal with the friendly side of uncertainty, enjoying your decision.
•Relativize things to perceive the true meaning of the adventure.
•Play exploring your sense of the ridiculous to connect with your inner child.

We are that impulse that every restless, non-conformist person with a desire for adventure needs to continue building their ideal lifestyle and pursue their dreams.


If you fill out the Form now you have 30 euros off the experience
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We call our trips Expeditions, in honor of those intrepid adventurers who left their towns without knowing the destination, moved by curiosity.

Their wild desire to discover and see the world allowed them to establish new limits and increase their ability to survive.

We do not reveal the route of our expeditions, because we know the individual and collective benefit of discovering it in the present moment. And, although at first this may give you some vertigo, our experience confirms that surprise makes you experience everything with much more intensity. A sensation that will hook you!

We move and relate to the environment in a particular way, since we turn the trip into a game to help you face fears and insecurities. The Expedition Leader will carry the backpack loaded with challenges and dynamics that will take you out of your comfort zone and guide you in search of the lost paradise through the 4 elements.

We offer transformative experiences, guiding you on an inner journey to help you become more aware of who you are, the moment you are in and the direction you want to take in your life. The Expedition by itself is not going to solve your emotional problems, but it can be the impetus to start listening to yourself.

Ready for FuerteAventura?

Challenge Zero Ruben Sans

Ruben San

Fuerteventura and Thailand Expeditions.

Eloquent and ironic, humor and naturalness are present in everything he does. Live life as if it were a game, connecting with your inner child and the desire to savor every minute.

Optimistic, creative, he trusts a lot in his instincts and at his side fun is guaranteed.

He knows how to balance his enjoyment side with his more sensitive and introspective side, connecting with his essence to achieve the most important journey, that of self-knowledge.

He likes to travel slowly and takes any opportunity to look for a place with live music, given his past on stage.

The Place to Be Happy Fuerteventura
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