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Alma Lajares & Alma Surf Fuerteventura
A great guest HOUSE IN Lajares WITH soul PEOPLE 

 Catalan woman from Formentera with an even rarer name Betsabé "BET",

after almost 4 years working together in Protest Surf School as instructors

decide to join together to create ALMA Guest House in Lajares in the North of Fuerteventura. A guest surf house with Soul that aims to offer a detailed treatment.

I believe in personal treatment and I want to offer Quality in experiences,

quality in services and above all

Shared good times.

Bet Brugué founder Alma Lajares
 Una vida de todos los Colores by Bet Brugué book

Bet Brugué The face of Alma, who will assist you, greet you upon arrival and will be your Surf instructor, always full of energy and a lot of SOUL.

Nowadays she is also the writer of her first book.

"A Life of All Colors"


That's why we want to surround ourselves
with our People,
protest Surf school in group surfing,
Mapy Benavente with her art in her hands for Alma Wellness and you can give yourself well-being
Maria ORTEGA with her art in wood,
our FRIEND and a super artist, gives her touch with her pieces and the key rings in each ALMA room.
BECAUSE details are important and friends too. .

The Place to Be Happy Fuerteventura
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