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In the municipality of La Oliva is the town of El Cotillo, an ideal destination for travelers who long to find calm on their vacations. Mass tourism has not reached this privileged corner of Fuerteventura. It is impossible to resist the charm of its fishing town and the journey along a coastline that surprises with its spectacular beaches.


In El Cotillo it is still possible to get lost and recover the silence. In fact, it could almost be considered a natural spa, an unbeatable treatment against stress. Everyone who visits the place remembers the views from the Tostón tower, the town's meeting place, and the tones of its fantastic sunsets over the Atlantic. Long walks along the coast and contemplation of the fishermen's work on the small pier help calm the nerves. To this we must add a dip in its beaches and enjoying a good plate of fresh fish in any of its restaurants.


What to see in El Cotillo, a town in Fuerteventura with history and landscapes

In this corner full of natural charms, visitors enjoy tracing their own routes. Heading to the pier, a meeting place for the area's fishermen, is a magnificent first contact after unpacking your luggage. And also visit the port, of more recent construction, intended for docking larger ships. Getting close to the lighthouse or the Tostón tower are other options to get familiar with the area. In times of 'the conquest', at the hands of the Crown of Castile, this town became an important transit point in the trade of orchilla, cereals and livestock.


Visit to the surroundings of the Totón castle

Declared a Historical-Artistic Monument of Cultural Interest, the Tostón tower, also known as the Cotillo castle, is one of the town's landmarks. It dates from the beginning of the 18th century and its stone construction, with a cylindrical and flattened shape, is very peculiar. Through some stone stairs you can climb to this defensive fortification that had three cannons at the top and which preserves a small drawbridge, with wrought iron chains. In the past it was used to spot the pirates who sailed the island's waters. Today it offers visitors magnificent views and serves as a space for holding cultural events and temporary exhibitions. It is also the headquarters of the local tourist office.


Los Lagos beach and La Concha beach in El Cotillo, from cove to cove

The beaches are one of the main attractions of El Cotillo. Among the best known is La Concha beach, a succession of small coves of great beauty. Due to the calm nature of its waters, it is ideal for a stay with children. The little ones enjoy playing in the puddles that form between the rocks and look like natural pools. Also spectacular is the set of coves that make up Los Lagos beach, which extends along the north coast to Corralejo and where nudism is possible. It stands out for its fine sand and the transparency and placidity of its waters, far from any risk.


What to eat in El Cotillo

In the old pier you can enjoy the best Majorera cuisine, prepared in a sober, fresh and natural way. In its surroundings there are bars and restaurants where you can taste delicious dishes made with seafood. Limpets, fish sancocho or boiled corvina, accompanied by wrinkled potatoes with mojo and gofio, are some of the typical specialties. There is no shortage of whitecaps, bream, groupers, groupers, squid, octopus and old fish on the menu, depending on the catch that the fishermen catch each day.


If you prefer a meat dish, in El Cotillo, as in all of Fuerteventura, Majorera goat, kid or baifo meat is exquisitely prepared, whether roasted or stewed. Majorero cheese cannot be missing from the table either.

Cotillo Piedra Playa


  • SUPERMARKETS: Hiperdino, Mercadona


  • RESTAURANTS: Los Pinchitos, Return Bar, Canela Café, Maná, La Bodegueta,     Cancel Tomate, Rojo...La Tomate

  • PASTRIES: Paneteca, Goloso

  • ICE CREAM SHOP: My friend

  • SHOPS: The Beach, Manawai

  • HAIRDRESSER: Mariana, Mr Mojo Barber Shop

  • SKATE: Bowl Lajares

  • ARTISANAL MARKET: Saturday mornings

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