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Libro una vida de todos los Colores
A Life of All Colors Book


una viDa de 

ToDos Los ColoRes

What paths does destiny have in store for us? Do we listen to our intuitions or silence them? Do we make decisions based on our well-being or thinking about that of others? 


In this revealing work, Bet not only opens herself to the reader, but invites us to cross the doors of her most intimate life. Through a sincere and unvarnished story, we immerse ourselves in the last 7 years of his existence, marked by the drastic turn his life took when surfing entered the scene. This passion not only led her to the waves, but also to Fuerteventura, the island that would become the main setting for loves, heartbreaks, dreams, motivations, victories and defeats. 


Throughout this journey of self-discovery and personal growth, Bet faces the duality of decisions and emotions that make up her essence. A true and captivating story that will undoubtedly resonate in the reader's heart.

 Una Vida de Todos los Colores by Bet Brugué book
Edited by Letrame
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